What are typical results?
The average man looses about 35lbs in the first month and the average woman looses about 25lbs in the first month.
Am I allowed to exercise?

online casino available in latvia We suggest you stick with body weight exercises during the initial phase. Walking, pilates, yoga, and some functional training are encouraged.

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Why is this different from other similar programs?

best casino slots to win There really aren’t many programs similar to what we do because we do hair follicle testing. We pull the specific nutritional information from the hair follicle and receive a customized report educating us on where your body needs support. Then we can create a specific program based on what organs need support as well as what nutrients, minerals, fatty acids,amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins you are deficient in.

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free casino slots bombay Another benefit that makes us different is our coaching. Our coaches are there for you through the duration of the program. You are not limited to the amount of text messages or phone calls a day, we won’t let you fail as long as you stay connected.

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Is this permanent?

£20 free no deposit casino slots Let’s be honest, there is no such thing as permanent results with out permanent work but once you have completed the program your body has released toxins that have prevented it from working optimally and a foundation of knowledge of a healthy food plan that works specifically for you.  You will have learned what foods your body metabolizes best, solidified habits that will keep you accountable and aware of where you are at daily, and choosing to continue to stay connected with your coach until you hare secure in your new lifestyle. But without the person putting in the time and being educated on what works for their body specifically and doing it, it’s as permanent as you want it to be.

How quickly will I see results?

promo codes for goldfish casino slots You can start seeing results as quickly as day two of the program.