Finally, A Custom Solution

Technology that provides specific weight-loss and nutrition information.



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A weight loss program specifically optimized for your body and lifestyle!

Custom Weight Loss

Our technology tells you exactly what is needed to overcome your barriers based on an analysis of your hair.


No Guessing

Using the information from the hair scan we will give you an easy to follow, concise plan that will work specifically for you and your body’s needs.

Fast & Easy

A simple 3-step solution to provide the weigh-loss tools you’ve always wanted.


More affordable than a gym membership with long-lasting informative results.

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tailored made just for you—as an individual.

It’s based on your unique needs identified in your hair scan!

There’s no guessing with our program because our technology (Cell-Well Being hair scanner) tells you exactly what is needed in order to move towards optimal health and wellness. This is not a “one size fits all” program like most others. We analyze your body through hair follicle roots.

To begin, our consultants sit down with you to understand your goals and learn what has worked in the past and what hasn’t. Then, using the information gathered from the Cell-Well Being Hair Scan, we create a detailed biometric assessment with customized advice on:

  • The proper caloric intake for your system along with guidelines for specific foods and portion sizes.
  • Specific recommendations for bed times and wake times to maximize health and energy.
  • Specially formulated “food concentrate” supplements to support your organs and detox for optimal energy, efficiency and weight loss.
  • Strategies for avoiding or reducing the effects of hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, inflammation and other chronic diseases and auto immune dysfunctions.
  • Personalized coaching via text to keep you on track and answer questions along the way.

We only use real food in our program.

There is no pre-packaged food or need for hormone injections with the Pinpoint plan—only nutrient-dense proteins, fruits and vegetables to get you burning fat instead of storing it. You’ll loose weight while regaining energy and vitality, regardless of age. 

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The process is simple…
Set up a Consultation, Participate in a Body Composition Analysis (BCA) and See the Benefits of a Hair Scan Analysis.


What is your health history?
  • Do you have High Blood Pressure?
  • Do you have High Cholesterol?
  • Do you have Type 2 Diabetes?
  • What other weight loss programs have you tried?
  • How important is it for you to lose weight?


Body Composition Analysis
  • Body fat Percentage which is directly related to heart attack, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, some cancers, obesity is huge epidemic in USA.. I’ll send a power point presentation as well
  • Water Percentage
  • Visceral Fat Rating (fat around organs)
  • Metabolic Age  (age in which your body metabolizes food)

Stop exhausting and starving your body with one size fits all weight loss programs, watch your body lose weight naturally!
Start nourishing your body with the perfect balance of real, natural foods provided by the Pinpoint Weight Loss Program.

This is a plan for life—one you will be able to stick with for success today and into the future!